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FIFA 20 executive producer on FIFA Ultimate Team mode: ‘We don’t think it’s gambling.’

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The executive producer for EA Sports' upcoming FIFA 20 has spoken about FIFA Ultimate Team, saying, 'We don't think it's gambling.'

FIFA Ultimate Team is a card-collecting game mode in which players assemble dream teams by purchasing player cards with points – these can be accrued in-game or purchased with real money, which has brought the mode under fire in certain territories for being, essentially, gambling.

In an interview with Eurogamer, executive producer Aaron McHardy was asked how the company would respond were such modes to be ruled as illegal (as they are currently in Belgium).

McHardy responded, 'So, I won't speak of any future plans, but what I will say is – I know there's legislation talking about some of these things, especially related to gambling – we don't believe that what we have in Ultimate Team is gambling.'

McHardy then went on to elaborate, 'If, for some reason, we were deemed to not be legal, we'd obviously react to that. But what we put out every single year we stand behind and we don't think it's gambling, we think it's a fun form of engagement for people to be able to interact with a video game in a pretty cool way. It would be a shame if the world deemed it something else as far as we're concerned!'

FIFA 20 is out on September 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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