FIFA 14 Ultimate Team began with several hundred players, but had to be pared down to just 40 to ensure the feature was ready to launch with the game, FIFA Ultimate Team producer Marcel Kuhn has told

"When it first came up in discussions, that we wanted to do it this year, with MS, a big email went out and everybody went bonkers in the studio, because everybody wanted a specific player in," said Kuhn.

"So first we had a huge collection of names, that had several hundred, and everybody got a bit overboard. And then we realised that we only have time to generate so many assets, and licensing discussions with the guys went on a little bit, so we needed to pare it down a little bit, so we went from several hundred down to forty, and what we wanted to make sure was that there was something for everybody - [some] local legends, like Lineker is maybe not that famous outside of England, but also the well known guys like Pele and Van Basten...a nice mix, there should be something for everybody."

Kuhn added that the time constraints meant some legends the team wanted to include had to be cut.

"As we're limited in numbers this year, as this came up pretty late in development process, it was a struggle to get [the players we have now] in, and to the quality level they're at, there's definitely some names we'd like to see on the list, but the list is pretty phenomenal, and if you just go through it most football guys will start salivating at [who's there]," he explained.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends is exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of FIFA 14. You'll find the complete Legends roster here.

FIFA 14 producer David Rutter has told VideoGamer that bundling FIFA 14 with Xbox One consoles has not affected EA's relationship with Sony.