FIFA 14 is rumoured to be included with the Xbox One in Europe, "senior games industry sources" have told MCV.

The report states that the game will be bundled at no extra cost, and is expected to be announced later today.

In what is likely to be the same story, CVG reports that the Xbox One will be bundled with a "major third-party title" in every Xbox One launch system across Europe.

CVG adds that this bundle is the "unique Xbox One exclusive" deal that Microsoft exec Phil Spencer revealed was being saved for a Gamescom announcement.

We're likely to find out if all this is accurate in a matter of hours, with Microsoft showing the Xbox One to press later this morning.

The inclusion of FIFA 14 would be a major draw for the Xbox One, but let's not forget that even with the bundled game the PS4 and the £50 cost of FIFA would be £30 cheaper than the Xbox One.

Source: MCV