FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4 - powered by the EA Sports Ignite game engine - promise to make stadiums come to life as living worlds, as is featured in the new gameplay trailer.


The game will create the electric atmosphere a football stadium delivers through the use of dramatic broadcast-inspired fly-overs, emotional pre-match ceremonies and true living and breathing sidelines.

3D crowds will come alive with distinctive home and away supporters cheering their sides for the first time in a FIFA game. The flow of the match will influence the intensity from the fans in the stands, just like a real football match.

A feature EA is calling Match Flow promises to revolutionise the FIFA experience through dynamic and continuous gameplay. Players on the pitch will interact with the sidelines, demanding the ball from ball boys to continue the action. Goal kicks, corners and free kicks will become more intense as the match progresses and pressure builds.

The in-game director also has access to over a hundred different camera angles, both in and outside the stadium to follow every bit of the action on and off the pitch. This means players will be treated to new replay angles, dramatic storylines, and all the emotion that unfolds within a match.

FIFA 14 launches alongside the PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: EA Press