FIFA 14 for iOS and Android will eventually be updated to support game controllers, but players shouldn't expect the same experience as on the consoles, exec producer Dan Reodorescu has told Digital Spy.

"We're definitely going to support it, we're looking at it. There's nothing... at launch, but we're looking at it," explained Reodorescu.

He added: "We have to look at the controllers themselves, how many buttons you have, how do the shoulder buttons work, and so on.

"Is there any sensibility in the sticks, do you have rumble? It depends, you have to look at what's on the market in terms of controllers and then we make the decisions."

Support for officially licensed game controllers on iOS devices is set to be introduced with the launch of iOS 7 this autumn.

But while controller support will be available on all mobile versions, online multiplayer will be limited to iOS because of the "complexity" of the Android platform.

FIFA 14 is expected to launch on mobile platforms alongside the console versions in September.

Source: Digital Spy