FIFA 14 will be "the best video game period", not just the best sports game. That's the lofty goal that EA has set for this year's title, says producer Sebastian Enrique.

"We have a very strong feature set so I am very confident that we can do better in terms of sales and numbers than FIFA 13," said EA producer Sebastian Enrique.

He added: "We have an ambition that is outside what is developed in the game. We want to create the best football game but we also don't want to just be the best sports video game - we want to be the best video game period."

Enrique also told a similar thing, telling us that "our goal as game developers is we want to be the best video game - not just the best football or sport video game".

Last year, Call of Duty: Black Ops II narrowly beat FIFA 13 as the UK's best-selling game with only 70,000 copies separating them. Black Ops 2 shifted 2.67 million units, whereas FIFA 13 managed 2.6 million units. Both titles have gone on to sell well in the early part of 2013.

"All these numbers about what is the No.1 franchise helps EA, so hopefully we can do it. It would be really rewarding for everyone working on the game," Enrique concluded.

You'd be a brave man to bet against FIFA 14 outselling this year's Call of Duty, especially given the apparent fatigue for Activision's shooter franchise.

Source: MCV