EA has "temporarily disabled" FIFA 13 Ultimate Team while it attempts to resolve issues related to "trade pile and auction house complications".

A statement from the publisher suggests that the service may be unavailable for a number of days.

"As you may know, there have been recent trade pile and auction house complications in FIFA 13: Ultimate Team," read a post from FIFA's community manager on the EA Forums.

"While we work to resolve the issue we've temporarily disabled FIFA 13: Ultimate Team. This is to ensure that more users do not become affected and an optimal experience can be sustained in the future."

Ultimate Team online gameplay, trading, store purchasing, the Web App, and the mobile companion app will all be unavailable during this time.

"We'll keep you updated as soon as we have additional information throughout the coming days," the rep continued. "Other FIFA 13 online game modes will not be affected."

A fix for FIFA 13 Ultimate Team's trade pile glitch has been demanded by the community since the game launched in late September.

A glitch in the current version of the game causes users' cards to be stuck at auction, leaving users unable to receive coins or gain access to their players long after the auction expires.

A previous title update was supposed to have solved the issue.

Source: EA Forums