Reports from players experiencing issues with FIFA 13 have fallen by "more than half" since the game's title update was released on October 19, EA Sports has stated.

Speaking in relation to the game's appearance on investigative BBC show Watchdog last month, EA Sports said: "Since we released a major update to the game on October 19, we've seen reported game crashes and other issues drop by more than half."

As well as addressing "issues and necessary fixes to improve the FIFA experience as quickly and effectively as possible", EA Sports says that it is committed to delivering "new services and new content all season long".

"The process of improving the game experience for our fans is a constant one," the publisher continued, "and our team continues to work on additional improvements that we will implement and communicate in the coming days and weeks ahead. We know that we have significantly improved the FIFA experience for our fans in recent days, and we fully expect that to continue as we develop and implement additional improvements and fixes."

FIFA 13 was featured on Watchdog after the show received complaints from disgruntled players who were unhappy with bugs and glitches found in the game. You can see a segment from the show below.

Players had previously reported problems pertaining to the game's Career Mode, online connectivity and FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports says that the title update "addressed key issues" related to such reports.

However, the publisher says that it is also "actively addressing customer issues related to transactions in the game that have not been executed properly, such as missing coins or FIFA Ultimate Team items," and is continuing to investigate "rare events", such as the ball not appearing.

For the full list of fixes included in FIFA 13's first title update, head here.

Source: EA Sports - FIFA 13 | A Letter To The BBC