Great news for PC gamers interested in picking up FIFA 11 this autumn. Not only will the game be on-par with the console versions on a technical and feature set level, but it'll also use one of the more pleasant forms of DRM.

Speaking to about DRM at a recent FIFA 11 press day, PC producer Ian Jarvis said: "The current system, that I'm allowed to say, is that we are using is the same one that Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 used, which is called EA Access. That's what we're currently working on."

EA Access requires nothing but a rudimentary disc check and, unlike the more heavily criticised DRM implementations, does not require online activation.

He added: "It was pretty well received, so that was one of the reasons we went that way."

However, there remains a chance this will change. Jarvis was keen to add: "We're still kind of working those kinks out: it's certainly not a finished part of the game."

FIFA 11 will be released October 1 for PC, PlayStation3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, PSP and mobile. For more on FIFA 11 check out our hot off the press preview.