EA announced last night that FIFA 09 is its best-selling title of the year shifting 7.8 million units worldwide year-to-date (ended December 31, 2008).

Speaking during EA's third quarter earnings call, Eric Brown,Chief Financial Officer, revealed that sales of FIFA 09 are up four per cent year-to-date over FIFA 08 and estimated that in Europe the game is the No.1 title across all platforms in the holiday quarter.

Other notable sales highlights included:

Need for Speed Undercover: 5.2 million units - down 7% from Pro Street

LittlestPetShop: 2.8 million units

Dead Space: over one million units

Mirror's Edge: over one million units

Madden NFL 09: over one million units

NBA Live 09: over one million units

Rock Band 2: 1.9 million units

Left 4 Dead: 1.8 million units.

EA also noted that Warhammer Online now has over 300,000 paying subscribers in North America and Europe.