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FIFA 07 to lead on Xbox 360 with new dynamic engine

In the run-up to the impending release of FIFA 07, Electronic Arts has been more than happy to talk up the 360 version of the game, which should follow soon after the multi-platform release of the title on September 29th later this year – a PS3 version is due late next year.

Two years in development, the new dynamic next-gen engine is capable of assigning each individual player its own body mass and allows each player its own weight distribution model, in turn making player movements and animation more lifelike than anything seen before.

Describing the feature as giving each CPU controlled footballer its own ‘football brain’, EA certainly have high hopes for the future of the series, as it represents the largest single investment in any sports title in its history. Add to this a ball that has its own physics system, which makes any pass or shot possible, and it seems we have a game that looks set to up the anti in terms of gameplay on next generation systems.

Get ready for the first real next-gen soccer experience. FIFA 07 on Xbox 360 will deliver athletes that move as fluidly, as realistically and as intuitively as athletes in real life,” said Andrew Wilson, Producer for FIFA 07 at EA. “This engine is the most sophisticated sports technology we’ve ever produced — it gives us the ability to transform soccer as it is played today but more importantly, it is a dynamic technology that promises to deliver new innovations for years to come.”

EA aren’t going to limit this to FIFA by the looks of it, with Tiger Woods being demonstrated using the same technology at E3. While most will scoff at an engine press release, it certainly looks to be adding something impressive to next year’s sports titles, and for the time being, you’ll only see this on Xbox 360, so as soon as FIFA 07 lands on the doorstep, we’ll be taking it through its individually weighted paces.


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