Square Enix game director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that both Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII are some way off being released.

Posting on Twitter, Nomura revealed that the development of Versus has not been without problems and that there are several titles scheduled for release before the PS3 exclusive hits stores.

"Versus has had many difficulties, and past method of production have been completely inapplicable, but these are the difficulties of birth, so we are working hard. We have a lot to announce, but because we're going in order, I can't say too much yet," he explained.

Nomura also said that neither Versus XIII or Agito XIII will be shown at gamescom next week.

He concluded: "There are a number of unannounced titles. These will come before Agito and Versus. Some have finished voice recording. Announcements will take place in Japan."

Sounds like we'll hear more at the Tokyo Game Show.

Via andriasang