DS Dragon Quest game The Hand of the Heavenly Bride will be out in Europe and PAL territories on February 20, publisher Square Enix has confirmed.

The Hand of the Heavenly Bride is actually a remake of Dragon Quest V, the second instalment in the Zenithis Trilogy, and follows Dragon Quest: The Chapters of the Chosen, released on the DS last year to much acclaim.

The game was never released in Europe, so for those of you not partial to the odd import purchase, this release will be your first opportunity to sample the greatness that is Dragon Quest 5.

New features include the ability to swap items with other gamers even with your DS on standby and a complete audio/visual overhaul.

Square Enix also teased European JRPG fans by saying the next adventure in the trilogy, Dragon Quest: Realms of Reverie, will be "coming to Nintendo DS soon". Exciting times for DS-owning JRPG fans.