FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 9 predicted release date and rewards

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✓ Predictions

FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 9:

  • Based on previous release date patterns we predict the pack will go live on Monday, June 17th.

With the last batch of free rewards set to expire imminently, gamers are preparing themselves for the ninth FC 24 Prime Gaming Packs.

It was all the way back in 2019 that Prime Gaming and EA first teamed up. The collaboration has remained in place since then, surviving the divorce between Fifa and EA. We’ve already had 8 Prime Packs released in EA FC 24, with rewards including player cards, rare consumables, and loans of top players such as Mo Salah and Son. The community consensus on these packs has tended to be that they are a bit underwhelming, but as they are free to anyone with a Prime Membership, you can’t complain too much.

So when will these new rewards be dropping? Well, as with the other Prime Packs, there is not a confirmed release date. However, we are pretty confident that Pack 9 will be accessible on Monday, June 17th, since this is the same day that the previous one expires. This has been the case with previous packs in the past. We also predict that it will include Euro’s Path To Glory cards so it makes sense to launch it near the start of the tournament. Let’s break down what else we might see.

FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 9 predicted rewards

Again, there is nothing officially confirmed to be included in these packs, meaning that we are relying on predictions. However, we are fairly confident in these predictions, seeing as the previous 8 Amazon Prime Gaming Packs have followed a consistent pattern. Here’s what we think will be included:

  • Loan of a Path to Glory player item
  • Rare gold player items
  • Chance to pick one player from three offered (likely all 82+)
  • Rare consumables

This pattern of one loan player item, a handful of Gold players, a pick of a higher-rated player and 10+ rare consumables has been the same for each Prime pack so far, so we are confident we’ll see this continue.

The loan player should come from the Path to Glory Team which has stirred some controversy in the community, with several notable players included having only recently received TOTS cards. However, getting your hands on any of these great high-rated players is sure to be an asset to your team, especially following the release of the Euro update.

When the pack does go live, players on all platforms with a valid Prime membership will be able to claim the reward.

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