Far Cry Primal's previously announced Legend of the Mammoth DLC missions included in the Collector's Edition and retailer specific Special Editions have been shown off in a new trailer.

In the UK you can pick up the Special Edition from GAME, whilst Gamestop is handling the Special Edition in Ireland. Although messaging in the trailer suggests otherwise, pre-ordering the game from other retailers will not secure you the Mammoth DLC, Ubisoft has told VideoGamer.

LEGEND OF THE MAMMOTH MISSIONS - In three bonus missions you'll see the world through the eyes of Oros' largest beast: the mammoth.

  • Duel of Beasts - Prove that you are the mightiest creature in Oros as you battle a powerful rhino spirit and his herd.
  • The Trapped Elder - Hunters have captured your leader and you must break into their camp and free him, smashing everything that gets in your way.
  • Hunt the Hunter - Lead your herd into battle and crush those who threaten you.

Far Cry Primal launches on PS4 and Xbox One on February 23, and PC on March 1.