Far Cry 5 prepares for an alien invasion in Lost on Mars DLC teaser

Far Cry 5 prepares for an alien invasion in Lost on Mars DLC teaser
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Far Cry 5, for some reason or another, is heading to Mars for its next slice of downloadable content, and Ubisoft's offered up a quick teaser to get you the mood for some alien-blasting antics.

Lost on Mars sees pilot Nick Rye relocating from Hope County to the titular red planet, where he finds himself running into Martian arachnids. These aren't the kind of spiders you can just pick up in a glass and throw out a window; they're giant, clawed monstrosities that need mowing down with hot lead.

Nick isn't alone in his exploits however, as he'll be joined by Hurk in an epic bromance-induced, bug-squashing adventure to prevent a possible alien invasion of Earth. You'll also get your mitts on some flashy alien weapons, including the Blaster of Disaster, Hellfire, and Morphinator.

Elsewhere, Ubisoft is outfitting Far Cry Arcade with a bunch of new tools themed around this latest DLC, including the Nerve Reaper and Grape Popper weapons.

Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars will be available for season pass owners on July 17, and will be followed by Dead Living Zombies in August. 

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