Far Cry 5 Arcade user recreates the island from Lost

Far Cry 5 Arcade user recreates the island from Lost
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Remember Lost, the weird sci-fi TV series that everyman and his dog watched back in the mid-2000s? Well, it featured an island. In fact, some would argue the island itself was more of a character than the main cast. 

Anyway, a YouTube user named Un-Break-Able has managed to recreate the iconic setting using Far Cry 5 Arcade's do-it-yourself-game-design tools in jaw-dropping detail.

Next to Resident Evil 7's Baker mansion and Metal Gear Soild's Shadow Moses island, this is by far one of the coolest things we've seen. 

The attention to detail is nothing to turn your nose at. The island includes a beach camp featuring tents and graveyard, and there's also a network of caves and even the remains of Flight 815's cockpit if you look hard enough. 

No word on any polar bears, but there's at least a few cages scattered about.

Un-Break-Able has also meticulously cobbled together other noteworthy features, such as the Dharma Swan station, the Hatch, Temple, Lighthouse, Beechcraft, and tons more recognisable areas from the show. 

'The map cannot unfortunately be made to scale but was made as large as possible,' he commented. 'I'm currently patiently waiting on the Vietnam DLC to come out because I'm hoping it will add in Jungle trees into the map editor because all I had to work with was Palm Trees, Ferns, Mango Trees and Savannah Trees unlike previous Far Cry Editors.'

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