Ubisoft, by way of its official forums, has announced details of a new hardcore multiplayer setting.

"The hardcore mode has been designed as an answer to a community request," explained Ubisoft. "When designing the multiplayer game our team wanted to provide a balanced experience for most gamers. However some players were seeking and expecting a more realistic experience."

A hardcore setting will be available in each multiplayer game mode, implementing the following changes:

- A new damage model will be applied with increased damage for all weapons.

- All weapons have been rebalanced on normal mode, and on hardcore mode.

- Enemy names will disappear after the spawning invincibility period is over (A shield is displayed above a player's head for a few second to show that he is invincible).

- A new option will allow you to tweak spawning time (but not spawning rate).

- A new search option will be available in multiplayer to allow you to find games that are playing on hardcore mode.

Hardcore setting will be implemented in the "next wave of patches" for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.