The next instalment in the Mass Effect franchise is currently in production at BioWare Montreal, but it appears the team is still considering which direction to take the game.

Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson Tweeted: "Parsing through your thoughts on the next #ME game. Would you be more interested in a game that takes place before the trilogy, or after?"

Both options pose challenges for the development team. Set the title before the trilogy and whatever takes place must eventually tie in to events in the trilogy, but choose to set the game after the trilogy and the branching storyline of the trilogy must be picked up by the new game.

BioWare Montreal studio director Yanick Roy blogged about the new game earlier this month, revealing the team will use Frostbite, utilising some of the systems created for Dragon Age 3.

"With the original trilogy now concluded and the switch over to a new engine, we are exploring new directions, both on the gameplay and story fronts," said Roy.

"You can still expect the pillars the franchise is known for to be fully intact though, including diverse alien races, a huge galaxy to explore, and of course rich, cinematic storytelling."

Source: @CaseyDHudson