Ridge Racer fans can rest easy, Japan's Famitsu magazine has published the first review of Ridge Racer 7 and the arcade racer has faired very well. Namco's seminal racer notched up four nines (the game is reviewed by four journalists), giving it a score of 36/40.

Other PS3 launch titles to be reviewed include Resistance: Fall of Man which scored an impressive 33/40, not as high as RR7, but Western targeted shooters tend to fair poorly in Japan. The much ridiculed Genji: Days of the Blade scored 29/40, proving that giant enemy crabs and real-time weapon change isn't enough for a next-gen title.

Rounding off the first batch of reviews are SEGA Golf Club with 28/40, and Gundam: Target in Sight with 32/40.

The PlayStation 3 goes on sale in Japan on November 11, and is followed by the North American launch on November 17.

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