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Fallout 1st has divided Fallout 76 into the haves and the have-nots

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Fallout 76 players who have subscribed to Fallout 1st are reporting that they are being targeted by non-subscribers, and non-subscribers are saying that Fallout 1st players are griefing them (via Game Rant). 

If you want peace, prepare for war. That should have been written in the fine print of Fallout 76’s new premium membership, Fallout 1st, a subscription scheme that offers a bunch of bonuses. These include a private server, a Scrapbox with unlimited storage, a monthly allowance of in-game currency, and a new fast travel point. Fallout 1st is priced at $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year for these additions, but not all of them are working as intended from launch

Bethesda said that an update is on its way that will fix the reported problems with the Scrapbox permanently deleting the crafting materials and the private servers devoid of NPCs and loot. While the developer occupies itself with that, the players of Fallout 76 are engaging in class warfare. For a game that’s weathered the storm with its players banding together through loyalty and creativity in the multiplayer experience of the classic series… this is a little disheartening.

In Adventure Mode, mobs of non-subscribers are descending upon Fallout 1st players. They are easily identifiable with an icon that denotes their membership, or when they wear an exclusive outfit or perform an exclusive emote. However, some non-subscribers have stories of Fallout 1st players following them and griefing them across the Appalachia. Adventure Mode does not let players begin a PvP encounter without the other person accepting the fight, so all these griefers can do is annoy their targets with nerfed explosions and melee attacks.


But, it is creating a conversation over the changes that Fallout 1st has brought to the community. A few players have said that these people can be muted and blocked, and others have pointed out that players were not being targeted for purchasing items from the Atomic Shop. One Redditor concluded, ‘We almost made Appalachia a better place when we were working together and seemingly rebuilding our virtual society. Now things have plunged into chaos due to different ideologies about how 76 should be handled. I guess it was only a matter of time where we would go back to fighting each other. War never changes.’

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November 14, 2018