Fable: The Journey has the potential to become Lionhead's best game, creative director Gary Carr has told CVG.

Asked if the title can become Lionhead's best ever, Carr said: "I do think it can. We're right in the bug fixing phase. This is where it's all critical. When the build gets it right, when the balance is right, I'm blown away by how good it is. I'm like, if anyone touches this build, you're fired."

Carr believes much of the negativity surrounding Fable: The Journey was down to its E3 2011 demo, which was unable to accurately represent the game.

"I think we should have shown Fable The Journey further down the line," said Carr. "I think we should have had some press cover it beforehand, just so they could get a better feel of it.

"This isn't a sequel to a Fable title. It's meant to be a sister-title, if you will. It's not meant to be a big RPG, but it does open the narrative of some Fable characters, and that's exciting to us because we want to tell this story.

"To me it has always felt like the support title, while Fable itself is to my mind the mother ship. But back in the studio we are building something more ambitious than we've ever done before."

Fable: The Journey will be released October 12.