Head of Gas Powered Games, Chris Taylor, has stated free-to-play games such as Age of Empires represent the future of PC gaming.

In an interview with Eurogamer Taylor has said he is "done with" paying $50 for a game. "I'm so done with that. It's fair to say I'm done dropping that kind of money. I want this in everything."

Speaking about the changing face of PC gaming he says "We went through 20 odd years of boxed product. You went to the store to buy a game and it would come on some discs or a CD-ROM and you'd install it. In a couple of months, six months later, or maybe a year, an expansion pack would come out. You'd get some updates."

Comparatively he uses Age of Empires Online as an example of the potential future of PC gaming. "This is what RTS gaming has become: Age of Empires Online," says Taylor. "It is online, it has community, friends, but that is the beginning. It means when the game goes out, you don't get a hump and you go down. When the game comes out it goes up infinitely."

"It means every month or so you see cool new things, rather than six months, a year, or maybe never. It's a continuous rhythm."

Taylor echoes the sentiments of many developers who have spoken of the death of boxed PC games. With many major players switching to digital downloads it doesn't seem unlikely.