F1 2012 will not release on PlayStation Vita or Wii U due to the developer's "tight deadline", and to ensure that Codemasters can continue to "keep maintaining the quality" of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

"We looked at whether or not we could justify putting [F1 2012] on [PlayStation Vita] as well and at the time we said no," F1 2012's creative director Steve Hood told VideoGamer.com.

"The internal Birmingham team is doing the 360/PS3 versions and that stretches us, to be honest. Year-after-year we've got that tight deadline of trying to get the game out, and so we can't take on another one internally if we want to keep maintaining the quality or push for [F1] to be ever-improving."

Hood revealed that Codemasters could make use of an external Brighton-based studio to develop a PlayStation Vita or Wii U version of F1 in the future, however.

"We work with a team in Brighton who do a lot of the PC work and work on some of the console elements, so we're trying to expand that team," he continued.

"So as we're doing that, I suspect that brings the likelihood of doing Vita or Wii U versions back onto the table as a discussion because you've got scope to deal with it. Whereas I think a lot of developers are often trying to cover every single format known to man without really increasing their teams sufficiently."

Codemasters' decision to skip PlayStation Vita may surprise some F1 fans.

F1 2011 released on PlayStation Vita alongside the handheld earlier this year. Development of the game was outsourced to UK studio Sumo Digital.