Game Update 63 is coming to the long-running MMO EverQuest II on April 17.

Users can expect to see the addition of the dragon city of Skyshrine along with a new area called the Withered Lands.

The Withered Land is set to offer over 100 new quests, and features a formerly glorious area now corrupted.

Skyshrine on the other hand is a dragon citadel that has come under siege in recent times by mysterious entities.

Users with the Destiny of Velious expansion will have their level cap raised to 92, while new prestige class talents will be added and a Drake mount will be available.

Those who have access to the Age of Discovery expansion will also be able to access a new dungeon maker theme, along with adventurers, tradeskill apprentices, and elite mercenary for hire.

The MMO went free-to-play earlier in the year and has since seen "amazing growth".