EVE Online: Odyssey, the 19th free expansion for the popular sci-fi MMO EVE Online, will be released on June 4, 2013, CCP Games has announced.

EVE Online: Odyssey introduces an entirely revamped scanning mechanic, a fresh and accessible user interface and new rewards for finding and interacting with sites hidden among the stars.

Universe-wide resource redistribution and ship rebalancing promises to shake up the entire EVE metagame across social, economic, military and political levels, leading to new types of conflicts, fresh strategies and shifting allegiances amongst EVE's player alliances.

The expansion will also include new ships, star base improvements, graphics updates and features yet to be announced.

"Odyssey is an expression of our love for space and exploration," said Andie Nordgren, senior producer, EVE Online. "It brings changes that will wake the wanderlust and taste for adventure in both new and veteran pilots."

Earlier this Month CCP announced that EVE Online now has more than 500,000 subscribers.

June 4 also happens to be the launch date for new free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes. Putting out Odyssey on the same date will likely prevent some EVE players from trying out the new game.

Source: Press release