Eternity's Child is the creation of the young and talented artist Luc Bernard, who draws on his life experiences to create dark fairytales.

The game is set on a planet on which a great flood resulted in the death of many non-flying creatures. Jealous of those creatures with wings, the land creatures began to murder all the winged creatures, eventually wiping then out. The world was then repopulated with mechanical robots, but these eventually became out of control and began to destroy what was left of the planet.

The game will see players taking on the role of Angel, an orphan who only survived because his wings were cut off when a baby. After years at the orphanage Angel escapes and goes on a journey to find any remaining creatures of his species.

Eternity's Child will feature entirely hand-drawn visuals, with animations produced frame by frame in the same classic style as early Disney films. The visuals will be accompanied by a fully orchestral soundtrack and songs making it every bit the classic fairytale.

The Wii version will include a two-player cooperative mode, while the DS version will feature an all-new story.