Luc Bernard, creator of cult video game Eternity's Child, has sent word to WiiWare World that the ongoing port of the title to WiiWare has been slightly delayed, but publisher Alten8 has someone working full time on the project and is hopeful the game will be ready before the end of the year.

To counter the disappointing news of a delay, Bernard also revealed that the WiiWare version of the game will feature a Challenge Mode, in which players can play through levels that were created by gamers using the PC version's level creation tool.

There's more good news too; Bernard has confirmed he is planning on bringing the cancelled GBA Eternity's Child game over to WiiWare. The game will homage SNES visuals and platforming gameplay of old.

WiiWare World notes that the sequel will feature classic controls, a new flying move for Angel, two-player co-op, vehicles and different endings. The story will pick up after the end of the first game. The game is tentatively titled Eternity's Child 2: Retro Child and is scheduled for a mid-2009 release.