Over at CLUB IGN, Silicon Knights' tenth blog entry, titled 'Creating Universes', begins with the revelation that the Eternal Darkness franchise may yet produce sequels.

"I am most often asked if we have sequels in mind for Eternal Darkness. The answer is absolutely yes," writes Dyack. "Although this may not be obvious to those outside of Silicon Knights, anyone inside the guild understands that there is really no other answer."

You see, Eternal Darkness was "just one story" the Silicon Knights people had in mind for the Eternal Darkness universe - "there are even more manipulations, great ancients, and numerous other stories to tell."

The blog then goes on to talk about how this all ties in with what Silicon Knights is hoping to achieve with Too Human. Dyack writes that "Eternal Darkness and Too Human all fall under the same umbrella of universes that we created. We have many stories to tell within these worlds so this time around we felt it was time to tell more than just one."