According to, Equilibrium director Kurt Wimmer has been targeted by Hollywood movie producer Michael De Luca as the script writer and presumably director of a Metal Gear Solid movie. says fans of the game were keen to see Wimmer take control of a Metal Gear Solid movie following the release of Equilibrium - a futuristic action movie starting Christian Bale that has gained a strong cult following.

At the red carpet for Michael De Luca's latest movie, 21, had the chance to speak to the producer who claimed he was hoping to meet with Wimmer in the next few weeks to discuss him writing the script for a Metal Gear Solid movie. No mention was made of directing, although assumes Wimmer would also direct the picture.

Metal Gear Solid fever will soon be arriving across the world with the scheduled June 12 release of Metal Gear Solid 4 for PlayStation 3.

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