The lengthy legal tussle between Epic and Dennis Dyack's Silicon Knights has come to and end, with the latter being forced to pay out a whopping $4.5m in damages.

In 2007 Dyack threw his toys out of the pram over the quality of Epic's Unreal Engine. Dyack claimed that Epic was funding Gears of War 3 using cash gathered from Unreal 3 licensing fees - cash that should have been spent on improving the engine.

As a result of this disservice, Dyack argued, Silicon Knights was forced to abandon the use of Unreal 3 for the development of Too Human, a change which massively increased the cost of making the game.

Unfortunately for Dennis, the North Carolina court didn't see things this way - rejecting every one of Silicon Knight's claims, and approving Epic's counter-claims.

Silicon Knights must now pay out $4.5m in damages. Epic also has 30 days to ask the court for the reimbursement of its legal fees, which could further drive up the bill for Dyack and co.