Epic Games is continuing to give away free games into 2020, a tradition that began with the launch of the Epic Games Store in 2018 (via VG247). 

The news comes with a flock of facts and figures reflecting the roaring success of the Epic Games Store’s first year of operation. Over the course of 2019, approximately 108 million users spent $608 million through their cumulative store activity. $251 million of the final total was divvied out to third-party games and DLC, and this figure excludes subsidies. As a result, this $251 million profit went straight to the developers themselves.

Regarding the AAA A-list featured on the Epic Games Store, Borderlands 3, Control, Dauntless, Metro Exodus, The Outer Worlds, and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 were star performers. Epic Games also counted tinier titles like Satisfactory, Untitled Goose Game, and World War Z in the cream of the crop, though we don’t have actual statistics for these games. Finally, 73 games were given away last year, accounting for $1,455 in total value. Epic Games will maintain its generous spirit into 2020, and announced that another 50 games will be shared, with a new game for each week of this year. 

Currently, you can grab Sundered Eldritch Edition for free from the Epic Games Store until January 16. Upcoming Epic Games exclusives include Godfall, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and Rogue Company.

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