Ninja Theory's Enslaved is a story-driven action adventure title which is quite rightly being compared to genre heavyweights Ico and Uncharted 2, but studio co-founder Tameem Antoniades has told that such talk rests uneasy with him.

"I think there are similarities, like, just because they're making a cinematic game and we're making a cinematic game," explained Antoniades. "Ico, the comparison is valid because that's one of my favourite games. And Another World on the Amiga was one of my favourite games, and Ico was actually based on Another World. So, there are definite comparisons, but they're comparisons that I'm uneasy with, because it sets an expectation. But those are some of my favourite games and I do want our game to be up there."

He added: "What Another World did really well was establish this relationship with another character that was quite emotional at times, and what it also did well was tell a story visually because there was no dialogue - and it did that really well. And I think that actually it's just taken time to figure out how to do that: they've done it in first person shooters like Half-Life, but not quite so much in adventure games. I'd say Uncharted 2 was the first real kind of eureka moment of actually achieving that cinematic quality in an adventure. I think we're just behind them, really - we're aiming for that same level of cinematic quality."

That's not to say Enslaved won't be its own game, as Antoniades was keen to stress.

"I think our game has enough differences: it's got its own twist, it's got its own characters, it's melee-based, the story's unique - there's enough unique about this game that it'll have its own identity," he said." It's not a knock-off."

Enslaved is scheduled for release October 8 for Xbox 360 and PS3. You'll find the full interview with Tameem Antoniades right here.