Codemasters has today announced the Q2 2008 release of Emergency Mayhem for Wii. The game puts players at the helm of the three emergency services who must race against time to hold together Crisis City.

Combining driving with arcade mini-games players will have to control the police, fire service and paramedics, dashing around the city from one emergency to another. Over 30 missions are promised, including daring rescues, bomb diffusing and more.

Crisis City isn't your run-of-the-mill city, with the emergencies needing the player's attention being much more slapstick than those you'll come across in real life. Players will find themselves throwing bananas at crazed monkeys, using a trampoline to bounce escaping convicts back into custody and herding penguins back to safety.

When the player reaches the scene of an emergency the game switches from driving to one of over more than 30 mini-games which promise to use the unique features of the Wii Remote: pump the Remote to perform CPR, point to direct water from a hose, mimic a wrench to control water hydrants and aim tranquiliser darts at rampaging monkeys.

Emergency Mayhem is scheduled for release for Wii in Q2 2008.