Released back in November in the US, Nintendo has today announced July 13 as the European release date for Elite Beat Agents. Quite why it takes Nintendo eight months to localise the game for Europe is unknown, but at least the wait it almost over.

In Elite Beat Agents players must tap circles on the screen in time with the music, move a ball around and spin a disc. There's a little more to it that that, but a more detailed description will only make things confusing.

The game sees ordinary people in a variety of crazy situations that somehow take a turn for the worse. A group of special agents known as the Elite Beat Agents are called to rescue the day using their musical abilities.

The game's main mode features 19 different songs made famous by artists including Avril Lavigne, David Bowie, Destiny's Child and Freddie Mercury. Each level in the game features a different sound track, and the difficulty is determined by which of the four agents comes to the rescue. Routines can be saved to share with friends or used in the multiplayer mode.

Using the DS's local wireless connection, up to four players can challenge friends to a head-to-head dance off. If you've saved a performance then this can be used to set the standard for your opponent.

Elite Beat Agents will be released across Europe for Nintendo DS on July 13.