Known as Elebits outside of Europe, Eledees for the Wii is described as an "original catch and seek title" with players using the Wii-mote to search for and capture the mischievous Eledees creatures.

In a world without electricity, gasoline or nuclear power, Eledees are the only available source of power and have been essential to the growth of mankind. For many years the humans and Eledees have lived in harmony, but a recent lightning storm has caused the mysterious creatures to act strangely and have gone into hiding. It is the task of the player to search out the Eledees and restore them to their original friendly state.

The game feature more than 25 single-player stages in which players will encounter more than 15 different types of Eledee, with each possessing its own unique personality traits.

As well as the single-player game, Eledees includes a four-player multiplayer game mode in which you and up to three friends battle to collect the most wattage in a set amount of time. This mode features many of the single-player levels and also allows players to use their own user created levels. These user created levels can also be shared with other players over Nintendo's WiiConnect24 service.

Eledees is scheduled fore release in Europe in the spring.