The Elder Scrolls Online will receive its first content update later this month, Bethesda has revealed.

Craglorn promises to be ESO's "first Adventure Zone" and includes a brand new storyline and content designed for Veteran players, including new 4-player quests and 12-player Trials.

"When you first enter Craglorn there's going to be a mystery that's set up," says creative director Paul Sage. "The constellations are missing from the sky and you're going to hear rumour of these beings called Celestials, and they are the Warrior, the Mage, the Serpent and the Thief, and how they're impacting Craglorn and what's going on is going to be what your group discovers."

Trials, meanwhile, have been specifically designed for "the best of the best".

"Once you begin you'll have to overcome a lot of different challenges, such as environmental hazards," continues Sage. "There's a lot of different monsters we throw at you, and of course there are boss monsters that have interesting tactics that you haven't encountered anywhere in the game before. And if all the encounters and bosses weren't enough, you have a timer that you're up against and you also have a limited number of resurrections that your group is allowed."

Players who make it to the top of the Trials leaderboards will also be rewarded for their skill, Sage promises.

Craglorn will be available to all Elder Scrolls Online subscribers later this month. To find out more about what the content and to get an early look, take a peek at the video above.

Source: Bethesda Press Release