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Ben Borthwick by on Feb 9, 2022

Elden Ring online servers should be on track for launch following Dark Souls PC security issues

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have moved to allay fears that the Elden Ring online servers could be in jeopardy for the game’s launch later this month.

Last month, online servers for the PC versions of several Dark Souls games were taken offline. Though no official reason was given, members of the Dark Souls subreddit claimed to have uncovered an exploit that could allow malicious code to be executed remotely. The post also claimed that the same exploit would be possible in Elden Ring. A Bandai Namco rep would respond to the post, saying a report had been submitted. However, nearly three weeks later, the servers are still not back online.

Now, two weeks out from Elden Ring‘s release, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have released a statement. It says the companies are “aware of the technical difficulties” and thanked the community for reaching out. “Thanks to you,” they say, “we have identified the cause and are working on fixing the issue”.

“In addition, we have extended the investigation to Elden Ring – our upcoming title launching on February 25th – and have made sure the necessary security measures are in place for this title on all target platforms”.

The statement did not confirm whether the code exploit was indeed the reason for the issue. However, the online services for Dark Souls games on PC will remain closed for now. The statement claims this is  “due to the time required to set up proper testing environments”. This won’t however, be done before Elden Ring‘s launch.

Both Bandai Namco and FromSoftware say they’ll make an announcement when Dark Souls’ PC servers are ready. For now though, it looks like the Elden Ring online services can launch as planned on February 25.


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