Elden Ring’s manga paused so the author can play the DLC instead

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Aside from the manga itself – Mangakas are paradoxically most well known for their dedicated output and consistent hiatus’. With Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC arriving this week – it’s no different for Nikiichi Tobita, the artist and writer responsible for the Elden Ring: The Road to the Golden Erdtree serialisation.

Announced in a Tweet, the translation reads that the most recent chapter has been updated, though thanks to the DLC – the series will go on hiatus. While there is no given date for when the series could return from its hiatus, you’d imagine that the absolute depths of complexity in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion will have Tobita busy for a long, long while. Generally, the 19th of each month sees a new chapter, though it looks like July will be missed out entirely.

Tobita’s announcement includes a little drawing of a man tucked in bed, dreaming of a weird, tendril-sprouting worm. Without having played the DLC yet, I’m unsure whether or not this has any canon relevance to the expansion, though with the Mangaka kept in the loop through his relationship with Bandai Namco, it’s definitely a possibility.

Whereas the Elden Ring manga adopts light-hearted comedy tone to the series, a much darker Dark Souls manga is set for a summer release, which is going to another fan-favourite I’m sure. The artists and writers behind that are Julien Blondel and Shonen, who had originally written the series for French audiences. It’s now being localised for other audiences, and August will see its first issues.

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