After rumours of a possible delay, caused a one-year low in Eidos' share prices, which hit a value of 89 pence last Tuesday, Eidos admitted early this morning that the eagerly anticipated management sequel will miss it's planned release date, which was scheduled for this month.

First-time delevopers Beautiful Game Studios are now aiming for a pre-Christmas release date, but have confessed that a New Year release is also a possibility, which would quash any of Eidos' hopes for topping the Christmas PC charts.

This is the first game in the series to be developed by newcomers Beautiful Game Studios, who were set up after Eidos split from Sports Interactive, the series' originator and former developer.

Shares in Eidos closed today at 91.5 pence, down one penny, and less than half of the company's 52-week high of 183 pence.

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