eFootball 2023 is out now, patch notes and fixes

eFootball 2023 is out now, patch notes and fixes
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eFootball finally released on the 25th of August after the release date was revealed earlier in the month. eFootball 2023 is kicking-off with Season 1. The theme of this season will be to celebrate the new players as well as the licences acquired by Konami. This update also came with a whole load of fixes to the game.

What’s in the eFootball Update v2.0.0

A lot of the work done in this new update, excluding the new kits and player updates, is fixing bugs. Please find below a list of fixes that have come to the game: 

  • Crashing unexpectedly due to an error. 
  • A player will often take the ball down on their chest before shooting first time from a cross.
  • Kick feints not working effectively.
  • Pick up command not working for goalkeepers.
  • Lighting flickering in the roof of certain grounds in the game.
  • Trajectory of goal kicks not reflected.
  • Goalkeeper can be slow after inputting certain commands.
  • Goalkeepers can cross their arms when receiving the ball.
  • Match may end abruptly as the ball is deflected off a defender.
  • A quick throw-in may restart the match without the ball being displayed.
  • Match could restart immediately after a corner.
  • Fixes to players facial expressions.
  • Spectators would move in unnatural ways.
  • PvP matches could end abruptly.
  • After exchanging eFootball points for in-game items, the cursor returns to the top of the list.
  • Various measures taken to prevent the manipulation of match results when ending the game in an improper way.
  • Heavy screen transitions.

These are the major changes that came to the game as they can be found in the mail section on the eFootball Home Screen. 

New faces, new licences and more 

Konami, the developer of eFootball, has been very busy securing new exclusivity deals, with Inter Milan signing on, as well as their local rival A.C. Milan. This is a multi-year deal and will see their stadium and kits used exclusively in eFootball. 

Bringing in both Milan clubs shows how Konami is trying to get the whole of Serie A after already having a few clubs, although the rights to Juventus have now moved over to FIFA. 

Liga MX (The Mexican League) will also be joining eFootball exclusively. This is a big move from Konami, successfully bringing a whole licensed league to the game, stealing it away from their competitors. 

The French National team has also signed on to be in the game, although it is still unknown if this is exclusively. Arsenal are the new Premier League club that has been added to the game. 

eFootball 2023: When will Master League be released?

As it stands there is still not a specific release date for Master League, but we do know we can expect the career focused mode coming at some point in 2023. Unfortunately this mode will not be free to play – like the rest of eFootball.

We do know what will carry over after the update, but not everything will, it’s time to get grinding again. .

Some data will carry over as listed below: 

・ eFootball™ Coins

・ GP

・ eFootball™ Points

・ Player Data

・ Manager Data

・ Objectives

・ Login Bonus

・ In-game Items

・ Settings

We will also see eFootball 2023 update the squads, players and managers. Any new licensing deals that have been announced will be included in this update. Konami have warned 

More news will follow on eFootball 2023 as it breaks and we get our hands on the update.