The next instalment in the PlayStation exclusive Killzone franchise is currently underway at Dutch studio Guerrilla Games, reports the Christmas issue of EDGE magazine.

A studio profile reveals: "While the bulk of Guerrilla's staff soldiers on with the next Killzone instalment, an embryonic new IP is growing within the studio for the first time in seven years. Former Killzone game director Mathijs de Jonge sits at one of these desks, now heading up the team of close to 20 working on the new game. Additional staff cycle in from the Killzone team for brief stints to lend their expertise."

In a separate Q&A studio recruiter Adrian Smith commented: "We've got to continue the Killzone franchise and we've got another IP on the go."

Smith says the studio hopes to expand from 160 staff now to around 190-200 heads within 12 months.

The next Killzone title we'll see in stores is the untitled instalment for PS Vita, in development at Sony Cambridge.

This week EDGE Online said that a Sony studio had stopped all work on PS3 in favour or beginning development on the console's successor - could this unnamed studio be Guerrilla, perhaps bringing Killzone 4 to PS4? The Dutch team certainly has the graphical expertise to really push the new tech.