EA has revealed that it will limit the sales of its upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, in order to ensure the game has a smooth launch period.

Speaking during a presentation of BioWare's game at gamescom this week, the publisher stated that it would rather ensure a great experience for the first players than sell so many copies the experience falls for everyone.

An exact number of copies sold at which point digital sales are switched off does exist, but EA wouldn't reveal the figure. The publisher will be working non-stop to expand its server capacity if the number is hit to make sure new players can join.

For more on The Old Republic head over to our recent chat with BioWare.

Via Gameinformer



It seems like a fairly sensible move from EA, but is also a fairly clever way to encourage pre-order sales - which appears to be the only way you'll guarantee being able to play the game at launch.