EA has formally revealed Frostbite Go, a mobile version of the engine used to power Battlefield 4.

Frostbite Go is being developed for use on "all major mobile platforms" - including iOS and Android - to bring "true Frostbite experiences" to mobile users.

VideoGamer.com first revealed EA's plans to port its engine to mobile devices earlier this year after job ads on EA's website made mention of the mobile project. It also intends to port the engine to Mac, but Wii U appears to be missing out.

Mobile titles utilising Frostbite Go have yet to be announced, but multiple titles are rumoured to be in development.

Console and PC titles currently in development using its HD bigger brother Frostbite 3, however, include Battlefield 4, this year's Need For Speed and an unannounced Mass Effect title.

Source: frostbite.com