Microsoft has been cagey about how many Xbox Ones have been shifted since its release in November 2013, but according to Electronic Arts head honcho Andrew Wilson, the number stands at less than half the amount of PlayStation 4's sold.

Speaking during the publisher's latest earnings call this week (via Variety), Wilson put PS4 sales at around 73 million by the end of December 2017. By comparison, Xbox One had moved around 30 million. That's a pretty major gap considering both formats launched within the same time frame as each other, although it's common knowledge that Sony is currently leading the pack.

Sony did at least confirm PS4 had sold 73.6 million units by the end of last year, so that's a stone-cold fact, not an estimate. EA also said in the call however that the combined install base for both systems reached 103 million as of late last year, which means that Xbox One's global sales had in theory reached 29.4 million by that point in the time. 

Obviously these are just EA's internal estimates, as it's not known how many Xbox One systems have been flogged (Microsoft stopped dropping figures early in the console's lifecycle). EA also expects the install base of both systems to reach a combined 130 million by the end of this year. 

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