The new booster pack expands the war deep into the wastelands of Europe, dropping gamers into a desperate conflict for control over the last scraps of inhabitable land.

Three new maps will be included: the infamous WWII battle scene at the Bridge of Remagen, an Alpine Titan docking harbour in Port Bavaria and a claustrophobic showdown in the Liberation of Leipzig.

The booster pack also introduces a selection of new vehicles, including the EU's heavily armed IFV Goliath and the PAC's hovering light IFV Hachimoto. Other additions include new unlocks, new badges and ribbons, and more.

"Our number one goal with Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike was to give fans more of the close-quarters combat, increased persistence and new toys they've been asking for," said Kristoffer Bergqvist, the booster pack's producer. "We've also added gameplay enhancements including two brand new vehicle types in an asymmetrical set-up. Furthermore, we're introducing the Titan game mode available into an urban setting and will debut the intensified Conquest Assault Lines game mode."

Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike is scheduled for release in March and a closed beta is said to be taking place in the near future.