BioWare has confirmed that the European release of Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for PS3 has been released without all the promised DLC.

According to a forum post on the BioWare Social Network, the set which should include all previously released add-on content and expansions, is missing the Return to Ostagar DLC.

BioWare stated: "As some players have reported, the Return to Ostagar DLC appears to not have been included correctly on the Euro version of the Ultimate Edition for PS3.

"While there is a DLC listed with this name, it appears to be the contents of one of the other DLCs. Our sincere apologies for this error."

Gamers who've purchased the PS3 edition are, however, promised the DLC. EA contract details, along with the information you'll need to supply can be found here.

While embarrassing for EA and BioWare, and irritating for gamers, it does appear that EA is doing what it can to remedy the situation.