New games in both the Dead Space and Need for Speed franchises are on the way, publisher EA announced overnight during its Q4 financial year 2012 earnings call.

Both titles will launch during the publisher's fiscal 2013, which ends March 31, 2013, with the Need for Speed game pinned down to Q3 FY2013 (October to December 2012).

Regarding Dead Space, EA said it will be one of its "blockbuster" titles for the year.

EA's Peter Moore also confirmed that fans can look forward to new titles from popular PoCap franchises including Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies.

Dead Space 3 has been rumoured for quite some time, whilst we've come to expect at least one Need for Speed game each year.

Last year a source pointed to a move away from space for Dead Space 3. Isaac Clarke crash lands on the snow-covered planet Tau Volantis. Looking for shelter from the relentless snow Isaac makes his way to an abandoned waystation, where he finds a severely injured survivor who reveals there are other survivors that attempted to find another facility. One of these survivors is Ellie, a character from the original game. Isaac gears up in a snowsuit and heads out into the snow.