EA has acknowledged complaints levelled at the PC version of Need For Speed: Rivals and revealed that it is "targeting [a] 60FPS" frame rate for future Need For Speed titles.

Responding to a fan on Twitter who asked whether the 30FPS cap will be removed from the PC version, EA said: "Noted, we are listening and are targeting 60 FPS in the future."

The PC version of Rivals was criticised by fans for locking the frame rate to 30FPS, with some calling for the game to be boycotted.

Modifying the game's properties, however, is thought to unlock the game's frame rate.

It isn't clear from EA's tweet whether Ghost will be targeting a 60FPS frame rate across all future versions of Need For Speed - including console versions - or whether the developer will simply drop the frame rate cap on future PC titles.

Neither EA or Ghost has yet commented on the reasons for locking the game at 30FPS.

Source: @NeedforSpeed