Fans of Dying Light can rest assured that the game will be supported with new content until at least the end of 2016, developer Techland has announced.

In an open letter to fans, Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka thanked players and press for their support of Dying Light and its The Following expansion, and promised to keep supporting the title.

"We always had faith in the project, but seeing so many enthusiastic opinions among players and high review scores from the press is utterly heart-warming," wrote Marchewka. "At the same time it is a clear sign that there is still high demand for that unique Dying Light experience. To make sure that every new or veteran player gets all the fun they deserve, we have decided to continue our support for Dying Light at least till the end of this year.

"We are already working on new unannounced content, so stay tuned for our future news."

Marchewka also urged players to get in touch to share ideas for what direction they want the Dying Light franchise to head in the future.

Source: Techland